Thursday, 27 August 2009

One Handed Music & Beer

During rehearsals for Austria I noticed the band were sounding excellent and getting very confident with the songs, I became aware of this when I noticed Jon (keyboards) playing keys on one hand and swigging beer at the same time with he other, I looked across the room only to see Paul (Bass) doing exactly the same, this quickly caught on so Brad joined in and finally so did I.

I have purchased a new practice amp called a Spider Jam, it has hundreds of guitar sounds plus hundreds of drum loops and backing tracks, it will prove very useful for song writing ideas for the next album.
I am hoping to aquire a new Gibson Les Paul that I can customize similar to my Fat Boy ie put some harley badging plus roadking identity markings and maybe an artistic design somewhere on the main body.
Looking forward to Faaker-See and would be pleased to have a beer or two with any of our fans.