Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Faaker See

After a pretty stressful departure out of Stanstead on 8th Sept with our party of 14 plus excess luggage / cd's / guitars and equipment, but once in the air and a couple of beers everything seemed ok again.

On arrival first impressions of Austria people and weather was excellent. First night as usual was two many glasses of wine and not enough sleep.

Next day collected at 1pm and taken to the main stage at Faaker-See for our sound check, saw thousands of great Harleys on route. The venue was very impressive, superb stage complete with a Harley suspended over the band. I would like to thank the stage crew for their time and efforts helping us to set up, my guitar technician went to great lenths to make sure everything was just right for me. The equipment provided for me was a Marshall 900 amp pls a Marshall 4x12 cab. The sound check went well then we were offered excellent hospitality back stage and later returned to our hotel.

At 7pm collected to go to the gig (our time to perform was 8.15) arrived to see last 30 mins of another band called Jet Black. Met up with some of the members of Quill, had a chat, then got ready for our slot. The gig went very well, a great introduction from the MC mel, at the end of the gig and after an encore we had a great send off from Mel. A few more beers and a meet up with some of the organisers then back to the hotel.

Last day a leisurely morning awaiting our courtesy bus back to the airport, good flight followed by a gruelling two and a half hour journey back to Birmingham. Another few days in the life of The Road-Kings. (Brill)


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Beer, Hair Gel and cold sores!

Carvell (the Sales and Marketing boss with the tan) calls me to tell me that we have to show our faces at Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham where the boys are rehearsing that evening. Armed with a hang over, thought I had better show my face, above all else I knew there would be a glass of wine and a curry in it for me at the end of the night . . . (Joking)

WOW ! who are these guys ! Fat Boy Blues . . . . . Despite the fact that Brad Freddie and John are all seasoned music professionals and I had heard them play and rehearse several times before - they sounded on top form (even in the tiny room they had hired) suddenly realised that they had spared the larger studios for the number of empty bud bottles that they had consumed ! Although disappointed that I had missed the girls who had rehearsed the night before, the boys really did sound fabulous !

Brad is directing and suddenly remembers that we can't take him seriously with dry fluffy hair so begins to apply his hair gel in mid flow (was that for my benefit ? he he) We stuck around for a few hours, listened to the guys and gave constructive critiscm where necessary (ehhm because we can!) and had a few beers with the guys who are so looking forward to Wednesday 09 September 2009. (Guys are playing at Harley Davidson European Bike Week Faaker See)

During the break, I asked one of the brass players (no names of course) if I could have ago of his instrument (clean please) and noticed he had a cold sore - Yack ! styled it and quickly put the instrument down - ehhm no thank you. . .

What a great bunch of musically talented guys ! ( and girls - sorry, I keep saying that !)