Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Faaker See from the videographers P.O.V

Having already directed the Road King's 'Turn It Up' video I was pleased to be asked by the band to fly out with them to the Faaker-See event in Austria and shoot a mini documentary. The event itself can only be described as 'epic', there was a large concert stage that had an excellent sound and lighting system, thousands of people and of course more Harleys than you could imagine.

I managed to shoot a short interview with Brad on the Wednesday morning (was he sober?.wait to see the video clips!) Later after the bands sound check I filmed a walk-a-about with Brad, Fred and Jon as they took a look around Faaker-See. (I think Fred and Brad only just managed to resist the temptation to buy more Harleys!)

Later that night the Road Kings took to the stage. Brad had already asked me to shoot a short selection of their live show (3 songs) and these small selections, along with Brad's interview will appear on the Road Kings website soon.

p.s the catering was fantastic.I had the best ham sandwich ever served to me by my own personal waiter. Mr Henshaw!

Steve Wilson

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