Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Near disaster at press launch for Fredie

For me as a guitarist things could'nt get any better than being invited to The Gibson Guitar Studio to promote The Road-Kings debut album. As I looked around the room which was lined wall to wall with Gibson guitars back to the stage which had illuminated Gibson motifs either side I felt that this was a special place to be.

After an early 5.30 sound check the band were ready for the show at 7.30. Just as we were about to start I noticed to my horror that my Boss ME70 effects pedal had decided to shut itself down and go into standby mode, something I had not encoutered before, the count down into Fat Boy Blues was already underway and I could'nt stop it so I tried re starting the amp but nothing was happening, I then realised the effects unit had gone into tuner mode so I pressed a few more buttons and thankfully it went straight back to play mode. Back in business, after that the show went very smoothly.

Special thanks from me to Steve Wilson on bass, his first gig with The Road-Kings, well played Steve, also the resident sound engineer Pete. Thanks to everyone that came to support us including David W, Aidrian, Lucy & Ben, Laura B, two Steves, Ed & Pauline, James & Steph. Great night great crowd.


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