Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Steve steps in on Bass for Gibson Gig

One of the other things I do apart from looking through the lens of a HD video camera at The Road Kings is play the bass guitar. (I guess I've now played it for more years than I dare to admit!)

A couple of weeks ago Brad asked me to play the bass guitar with the Road Kings at their Gibson show. So, after a hundred listens to the 'Dust And Gasoline' album, one 3-hour rehearsal and four sore fingers I got to play with the band.

The venue at Gibson guitars London offices provides bands with a sound and lighting system plus large selection of drums, amps and four walls covered of Eipiphone guitars (if you are short of a Les Paul or two.)

For the show I used one of their Ashdown bass combos and plugged in my 1965 Fender precision."your far too loud" the sound engineer shouted!, needless to say, in the time honored way of any true bass guitarist. I didn't turn the volume down!

It was a great showcase for the album, and was very well received by the invited audience. I really enjoyed playing 'Pacific coast Highway'.unfortunately I got a bit lost in the middle of the song. Next time I'll get a Sat Nav for my fingers.

Steve Wilson

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